Homeowners, especially those want to resell, are always on the lookout for ways to increase real estate value. When it comes to fence installation, some do it for the aesthetics while others do it for security. But does a garden fence increase real estate value? We will try to answer this question with regards to iron fences.

The title of this blog post seems to be asking not one but two questions: 1) Is garden fencing a valuable addition to a property and 2) Why should you choose iron fence as compared to wood, vinyl, chain-link, etc.? Let us address both questions individually.

How Garden Fencing Improves Property Value

iron fencing on a deckHome improvement and real estate experts agree that building a fence helps immensely when you are trying to sell a property. Simply the appearance of a garden fence makes a great first impression on visitors and potential buyers. This is due to three main factors:

Fencing enhances privacy

Fencing panels can be fixed in a way to reveal only as much of your property as you want to reveal to outsiders. If you like to relax on the patio or want to invite friends over for the occasional barbecue, a garden fence provides the necessary privacy.

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Fencing boosts security

While the fence itself is a security measure, it further alarms burglars and other criminals that the homeowners might also have additional security features inside the house as well. This will give you added peace of mind.

Fencing adds curb appeal to your home

Fences come in all types of materials, sizes, and designs, which means you can choose one to enhance the overall look of your house.

Buyers who have children or even pets will definitely be impressed by the addition of fences on your property, letting you justify a higher price for your real estate.

Why Choose Iron Fencing?

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Iron fences are by no means the only fencing options available in the market. However, iron fences have become extremely popular among homeowners due to a variety of reasons. These fences are durable and are easy to maintain. They are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions and rust. With simple cleaning procedures, you can ensure the longevity of your iron fence, and there is no need to replace them after a few years (as in the case of wooden fences). That also translates, albeit indirectly, into better real estate value. Take a look at this blog about maintenance.

Moving on, each fence type comes with a unique appearance that appeals to almost everyone. Wood fences, for example, offer a natural and ‘rustic’ feel to your property. However, if you desire elegance, then iron fencing is the way to go. The upscale look of iron fences definitely attracts potential buyers.

Finally, as far as privacy is concerned, iron fences provide spaces for plants to fill up and obstruct the view of the property. Not to mention that plants and flowers growing near and on your iron fence are visually appealing as well.

So if you combine all these factors, you will definitely understand why installing iron fencing is going to boost the value of your house.

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