Wood fence vs. the vinyl fence? Which is better and which should I choose?

It’s a question that pops up plenty of times, but especially in the spring when clients are planning for the year ahead. At Fence Supply Online we stock a range of both styles, and we know the pros and cons. From more than 30 years of being in business, we have a good idea of which fence might suit our customers the best.

We know that some clients will only go with wood. The look and feel of a wooden fence is as American as apple pie, but vinyl is an excellent choice too. Our American-made vinyl fencing is of the highest quality, and we are happy to recommend it to any client.

To help serve our customers better, we put our heads together around the pros and cons of each type of fencing. There is agreement over plenty of what we decided, but some arguments are still running.

The pros and cons of wood vs. vinyl fences include:

  • Vinyl is the best for low maintenance
  • Wood ages beautifully
  • Black vinyl fencing does not fade
  • Upfront costs are worth considering

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Vinyl is the best for low maintenance

If you are looking for a big pro with vinyl fencing, then low maintenance is the obvious one.

Once you install the vinyl fence, there is very little to keep it looking good.

Modern vinyl is durable. It will not rot and does not suffer from termites. There is not any need to stain and seal a vinyl fence like you do a wooden one.

A good clean with the power washer is usually enough for the annual maintenance.

Wood ages beautifully

You cannot beat how a well-maintained wooden fence looks after a few years.

The right wood ages beautifully, and that is a quality you cannot buy.

A vinyl fence will always look good, but it does not take on the character of aging.

If you stain and seal the wooden fence, you will see the benefits over its lifetime.

However, if you ignore the maintenance, then the fence will quickly deteriorate.

Black vinyl fencing does not fade

Once the summer sun and heat comes out, poor quality vinyl quickly fades away. The color can chalk, and the fence may buckle or begin to sag in places. It was once a big problem with black vinyl fencing that the color would fade over the years.

Not so with our range of BLACKline fencing products.

Their black vinyl fences will not fade, buckle or chalk under the summer sun. The fence will look as good in ten years’ time as the day you installed it.

A wooden fence can dry and crack under too much sun if you do not care for it.

Upfront costs are worth considering

Some people may gasp when they see the cost of vinyl fencing.

The costs have dropped in the last few years, though, as the quality grew.

Wooden fences are cheap to buy, and the quality of our wood is only the best.

The long-term costs of both materials are worth a look at when deciding.

Vinyl is very low maintenance, which will keep costs down over the years. Wood is cheaper to install, but maintenance over the years can be expensive.

Use our Draw It & Quote It software to get an idea of the upfront costs.

Talk to us about maintenance, to help add in the annual extras.

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