Ensuring Your Fence Matches Your Business's Brand

Most businesses realize that their brand can be implied by the staff’s clothes and the company vehicles. It might not be as obvious but the fence around your business premises also gives a first impression.

When you are considering which type fence to install, it is worth considering if it matches your brand.

Sure you want your premises to be secure but, different types of fences portray a different message for your premises.

A visitor may assume your business is traditional, dated, modern or professional just by your choice of fence material.

Let’s consider a few different types of fence and imagine what message they portray:

  • White Picket Fences
  • Vinyl Privacy Fences
  • Wooden Rail Fencing
  • Vinyl Rail Fencing
  • Ornamental Iron Fencing
  • Tensile Steel Fencing

White Picket Fences

A white picket fence can be decorative for residential properties but can also portray the American dream and apple pie.

If your brand is based on traditional values, surrounding premises with a white picket fence can help reinforce your brand.

You have the option of a traditional wooden fence or more modern vinyl. The two material options mean that you can supplement a traditional brand or a more modern alternative.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

A Vinyl privacy fence around your premises provides the benefits of security and style. With the various color options, you can further tailor this option to match your brand.White vinyl privacy fence

This modern material can be easily cleaned and maintain a new look for a long period. Adding modern graphic signage to a vinyl fence can also give your brand an up to date feel.

Wooden Rail Fencing

The rustic logs of a wooden rail fence help reinforce the brand of a traditional rancher. If the business has been in your family for decades, you may want to reinforce the idea that it has maintained the same values throughout those years.

Using traditional materials can portray traditional values.2 rail wood

As wooden fences age, they continue to offer a rustic look. This can help maintain the same brand feel for the next decade or more.

Are you a rancher that is adopting organic practices?

Perhaps a traditional wooden fence would be more suitable option to portray this message.

Vinyl Rail Fencing

As an alternative to wooden rail fences, you may want to reinforce a more modern brand. Modern technology and efficiencies in your business may not be immediately visible from a distance. A new vinyl rail fence can provide a modern feel as a first impression. A variety of color options mean that the fence can still remain congruent to the surroundings. Complimenting them rather than standing out like a sore thumb.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

The life expectancy of iron fencing can mean that it looks dated if not maintained. Alternatively, a well-maintained iron fence around your property can project stability and strength for your brand.

Ornamental fencing can also allow you personalization, with finials or other accessories to match your brand.

Tensile Steel Fencing

Are you primarily a Deer rancher?

The view of a tensile steel deer fence can tell visitors what to expect from a distance.

A professionally installed, well-maintained deer fence portrays professionalism before a client even reaches your office buildings.

The thin wire can help your fence blend into the background while portraying a professional brand.

Match Or Not

As a business owner, you may have previously viewed your fencing only for its practical properties.

Professional looking vinyl, wooden or iron fencing with relevant signage can supplement your brand and attract clients.

You need to decide what message your brand is trying to portray and ensure that your fencing matches that message.

If you would like some professional advice on this matter, why not consult a professional now?

Image: Source Unsplash.com, Jon Moore