It’s important to understand that when you order vinyl fencing from a fencing company, that order is relayed to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then ship the fencing you ordered via a freight line, or flatbed truck shipping company if you prefer. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of freight lines out there, and they all operate in a similar way. It’s important that you know a little of what to expect here.

On Notification of Shipping

When you receive notification that your shipment has been sent out, you need to get the name and contact information of the freight line. You’ll also want the tracking number. Get in touch with the company and try to establish a day and time they’ll deliver your fencing. Checking your calendar and making plans when you order vinyl fencing is a big advantage.

Delivery Dates and Times

One of the most frustrating issues of working with any freight line is the fact that they do not really provide firm delivery times, or even stick to their stated delivery days. Take any stated delivery day or time with a grain of salt, and realize that this is a ballpark estimate. Your shipment may or may not arrive at that time. Note that you, or someone to represent you, MUST be present when the driver arrives.

Our FAQ page has several helpful items to remember and consider when you order vinyl fencing. 

Unloading Your Delivery

Once the freight line arrives at your home, the driver will usually back into your driveway, open the door of the truck, and ensure that your order is at the back end of the truck. It is not the driver’s responsibility to help you unload your order, and no freight line requires this of their drivers. The driver might be willing to help you, but he/she may not so be prepared for this. four rail vinyl fence

Check Carefully

Before or immediately after unloading (but before the driver leaves), check the order to make sure it is complete. You should also check for signs of damage at this time – most damage actually occurs during the shipping and loading/offloading process. Note any damaged or missing items before signing off on the bill of lading. These should be reported immediately to the manufacturer.

This, in a nutshell, is the process you’ll go through when receiving your shipment of vinyl fencing from the manufacturer. Be prepared, be courteous to the shipping company employees you speak with, and be prompt about reporting damaged or missing pieces to the manufacturer.

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