Beautiful Rustic Cedar Split Rail Fencing

Cedar Split Rail Fence is a classic choice for your property. You get the most natural look available, and the naturally occurring resistance of cedar to termites and the elements. We are offering Western Cedar Split Rail in 2 and 3 rail options. Cedar is more difficult to come by as the vast majority comes from the Northwest and Western Canada. We also have inventory in Dallas TX.

Building a Cedar Split Rail fence is very similar to the Pine round rail install. The post and all rails are assembled on a per section basis. You can NOT set post and come back to install the rails later. You must insert the rails in the post, align with the straight line and set the post.

Cedar Split Rail fence and Pine Split rail are a quick install. Each section is 100% finished as you go along.  The only thing to do afterward is light landscaping or adding a wire fence to keep small animals in or our.

This is not my video. We are in production on our version. I only have a couple of corrections from this install video.

#1 Raw Cedar (like most lumber) is not a friend to water. Concrete in the post hole will hold moisture against the post. This can shorten the life of the post unless you are in a dryer climate. A very small “pea gravel” tamped and packed hard around the post with soil is a better alternative for Cedar Post. If you are looking to put this style of fence in a consistently wet area, please consider a pressure treated product.

#2 Screws in the rails – I am not a fan of using screws to hold the rails in. Properly installed these rails should stay in with no extra fasteners. There are 2 problems with the screws. First, they will let water seep into the heart of the post, which will accelerate rot. Second, they will rust at some point. Unless you like a burnt orange stripe running down your sliver gray post for years I would avoid this. If your soil moves a lot, and rails do start falling out. Repack with a solid bar or an actual tamping pole.

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We offer the wood split-rail fence in both, 2-rail, and 3-rail versions. The rails are available in 10-foot lengths. Post spacing should be 10ft on centers.

If you would like to learn more about our wood split rail fencing, plastic fencing or more, just contact us directly by e-mail or over our toll-free line. Cedar split rail fence