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Fence Armor

Fence Armor 2017-08-21T02:33:39+00:00

We are so happy to offer Fence Armor products to help protect your investment.

When I was in the install side of the business and running 13 crews at a time. We had countless times that were heartbreaking, as the fence we were taking down was fine! It was all of the rotten, rusted, or damaged fence POST that was the problem.

Not anymore with FENCE ARMOR.

Fence Armor comes with either 1/2 coverage or with Full coverage. Some fences like Vinyl Privacy need even less coverage because the fence panel goes almost all the way to the ground. For those types of fence they use a “Demi” Plate. If you can only access one side of the post with a string trimmer then you would only need half coverage.

Why buy from Fence Supply Online?

Most of our orders of Fence Armor come with FREE SHIPPING!

Post damage with out Fence Armor procection

This kind of damage shortens the life of the fence by many years.

Only 1 minute of time saves an expensive investment.


Check out our Store for packages that include Fence Armor on every post.