Enjoy the Functionality of Pressure Treated Split-Rail Fencing

We do offer Cedar Split Rail products at several locations across the country.

When you prefer the timeless beauty and functionality of wood fencing, you won’t be disappointed with our inventory. Our wood split-rail fencing delivers the protection farmers and ranchers need while offering enduring beauty with a design that is easy to install.

Split Rail Fence

For our wood split rail fencing, we only use Southern Yellow Pine for its strength and good looks. In addition, it allows the ACQ preservative to penetrate all the way through the wood, which will increase its longevity. That’s why our 5 Star split-rail fencing will last decades longer than our competitors.

Just like our vinyl fences, the installation of the split rail fence is quick and easy. After the posts are set, the rails just slip right in! Perhaps you’d prefer to include a wire fence with the split-rail, to prevent pets from escaping and rodents from entering. Our split rails have one side trimmed to allow easy fastening of the wire fence, and for a more aesthetic look.

We offer the wood split-rail fence in both, 2-rail, and 3-rail versions. The rails are available in 9-foot and 11-foot lengths for your choosing. Post spacing should be approximately 8 inches shorter than the rails to allow each rail to overlap one another.

If you would like to learn more about our wood split rail fencing, plastic fencing or more, just contact us directly by e-mail or over our toll-free line. To see just how easy our split rail fencing is to install, just watch our demonstration video and see for yourself.

Split Rail Wood

Welcome to Fence Supply Online’s new product showcase. Today, we are showcasing some of our new wood products. My favorite thing about the wood group is that you pretty much have everything you need in your home or shop to build this fence. This video will address split rail.

This product comes in two and three rail versions. Posts are 6 inches wide by 2 and a half inches deep. The length varies depending on which style you buy. The rails have several unique features on them. The rail has both a beautiful round rail cut to one side and a split rail triangle on the other. You can put either style in or out whichever side you want to look at is the side you can put on your property, and the neighbors get whatever’s left.

Installation of this product is very similar to our white vinyl PVC install video. In fact, about 80% of that video is usable for this product as far as setting posts and even some in setting the rails. Let me show you right now how the rails go together with this post. Each rail has a tapered small end, and then we have on the other end a large taper. The rails are available in 9 and 11 foot lengths. I highly recommend the 9 foot lengths because the 11 foot you can get some warpage issues.

Simply, your post is installed in the ground, dry set like I always recommend on fence products. You slide the small end through the post as far as you can, then you have room to go into the post on the other end. How do they lock together? This end, the big end, goes in here, and voilà, you have three plus inches of rail on either side of the post. You can drill a lag screw through here to tie these two together and make sure they never vibrate out. Take a hammer and drive them in. It doesn’t matter. It’s a very forgiving fence and a very easy fence to build. That’s how the rails go into this fence.

I need to talk about corners and ends. We do have corners and end posts for this fence, but I have found a little bit easier way to deal with those issues. The line post can go right up against a timber, a 6 by 6 treated post. Let’s pretend this is your corner right here. You’re going to come to here with the fence, and you’re going to go towards you with the fence. You have a 6 by 6 post here. You bolt this right up against your 6 by 6. Bring your fence rails into here. Then, bolt another line post on the other side of the 6 by 6. Run your line into there. Build your fence on from there.

The thing with using a 6 by 6, it’s extremely heavy duty for animals that push on the fence, runaway lawn mowers that hit the corner, that kind of thing. It’s a very heavy duty corner post for the product. Also, end posts, if you have a 6 by 6 here and you have this mounted to it with all your fence coming to it, now you can hang a gate. You can hang a 20 foot gate easily off of a 6 by 6 in the ground concreted post. It would stop a Mack truck it’s so heavy. That’s my reason for using a 6 by 6, especially on the ends, because you can put so much more weight on it and make such a better gate.

For more information, please call Terry or myself. Terry is at (800) 579-8045, extension 1. I’m at extension 3. Thank you so much.