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Privacy Fencing for Homeowners and Businesses

Our vinyl privacy fence designs offer benefits that other types of fencing simply cannot compete with.

  • A choice of colors – Our vinyl privacy fencing for home use come in white and almond colors.
  • A selection of sizes – Our vinyl privacy fence products are available in a variety of sizes to meet varying needs. They can be purchased in 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot heights to meet personal privacy requirements.
  • Lasting durability – Our Vinyl fences are made of such high quality, we stand by them with a lifetime limited warranty of 30 years. Vinyl fences are crafted to withstand the elements and look good as they do it. Our vinyl privacy fence designs excel in this department. Our fencing also has 11 percent titanium oxide for UV inhibition to enhance durability.
  • Ease of maintenance – PVC fences, vinyl fences and other similar designs are made to deliver very easy maintenance requirements. These home and commercial privacy fencing options can hold up under a variety of conditions and only require occasional cleaning to maintain appearance.

Quality Matters

The specifications on our vinyl privacy fence lengths speak for themselves. The posts are 5″x 5″x 8.5′ (9′ available) extruded. The thickness is .150″ Routed to fit your needs.Top and bottom rails are 1.5″x 5.5″x 95″ extruded with double web construction. The thickness is .090″. The pickets are tongue and groove, 6″ wide with a thickness of .065″ – the thickest on the market. Our standard caps are external, pyramid style. We also have internal caps available.

Vinyl Privacy Install Video

Welcome to Fence Supply Online’s install video for the white vinyl privacy. Many of you have requested a video just for this product. There are many ways to install it. I will show you my favorite way to install it and the way that, well, I installed over seven to ten thousand feet in this product. I want to also acknowledge as far as post setting, look to your previous videos on the three rail vinyl fence install. Just look at how the posts are set and use that in this product also.

The white vinyl fence comes with, of course, post, a top rail, a bottom rail, pickets, tongue and groove that interlock into each other, a U channel, and a metal insert strip that goes inside here on the bottom for support. What I have always done, it makes a lot of sense to me, install your far post. Like, if you had just one section, your far post, put it in the ground. Your first post will also be in the ground, but we’re going to start building from the far post and build back. Every time we start at the far post and build back to the first post. This gives us more room inside that post, and it’s easier to do, I promise.

Getting Started

First thing, put your top and bottom rails in your post and start loading pickets with your U channel on the very first one we have right here. Simply drive them on, then put your slip cover U channel over the end. The very last thing you do is insert the metal support rod or U channel in through the bottom of the rail. It just gives it a little extra support so it doesn’t sag, doesn’t have any, and adds a little more strength on the wind loads. Once you’ve done that, have a person holding on the top, a person holding on the bottom, and we’re going to set it inside the other post. Start it on the bottom rail. Get it just started inside the post. Then, have your partner help you get it inside the top post. You’ll hear them click, and they’ll both slide all the way together.

Now your fence is completely together. You’re ready for your next section. Your fence is done. It won’t chip, fade, peel. It’s available in the tan as well as the white. It’s going to give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

I hope this helped. If you have any questions, call (800) 579-8045 extension 1 for Terry, extension 3 for me, Richard. I’ve installed plenty of this, so I can help you through just about any situation you’ve got. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Installing the Tongue and Groove Boards

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